Halsted Safaris' journey began some years ago when a family’s love and passion for the African wilderness drew them to an area called the Zambezi Valley.

The father had spent much time in the area and told exciting tales of this magical place to his children.

Throughout their life those stories remained so prominent that the brother and sister in 2008 set out on their own safari adventure.

Much to their delight it was true, the legends their father had spoken of were true, as the Zambezi Valley remained a utopia, vigorously alive with pure and natural wild wonder. It is a utopia for the African wilderness as species such as elephant, lion, buffalo, plains game, wild dog and much more thrive naturally in these conditions. The Zambezi River herself inhabits a wide variety of aquatic wildlife, offers incredible birding and in this area is particularly known for the infamous tiger fish and river fishing adventure.

This was heaven for the brother and sister that every year they returned, camping along the banks of the Zambezi staying longer and longer each time, their hearts more sore when leaving that eventually came to the easy decision of upgrading to something more comfortable and permanent and calling it home.

Too much excitement this is exactly what happened. The family found a beautiful spot on the Zambezi River and After some careful planning and preparation began construction. It took them 18 months of hard sweat and toil and in 2012 Halsted Safaris Camp proudly stood tall and strong. The family experienced such joy and peace that they decided it was too beautiful to keep to themselves and wanted to share the magical experience with others.

In 2013 Halsted Safaris Camp warmly opened her doors to the public and today Halsted Safaris Camp prides herself in being in being an upmarket and luxurious African Safari and Fishing destination.

Halsted Safaris offers a first class camping experience, a truly magnificent Zambezi River Safari done in true comfort and style.